03 June 2010

A few reminder..

Hello blogshop owners,

We will have to remind you once again. Cos some owners didn't read the T&C before mailing us.
  1. We do not do single review on any item that you sell at your shop. A single review means 1 post dedicated to only 1 blogshop/product by a blogshop. If you send us emails wanting us to review a certain product that you provide at your store (eg: beauty products, contact lenses, etc), we will not entertain you anymore & will not feature you in any of our review. Please read our T&C before emailing us. Better yet, email us if you have any inquiries..
  2. If you want to be linked, email us the correct linking form.
  3. Lastly, to all the viewers.. We do not sell any of the items here. This is a review site. We review items sold at blogshops.. Click on the link above the pictures to be redirected to their site.

Sorry for having to write this note. I hope that you guys will understand.

TQ & Happy Shopping