08 April 2010

Terms & Conditions

1. For advertising service, full payment must be made to confirm your booking.

2. Once payment received, we will start advertising your banner.

3. Whichever blogshops who can make the full payment first will have the priority.

4. No cancellation and refunds are allowed.

5. Advertising service only for Malaysian Blogshop.

6. Please provide your own banner for your advertisements. A charge of RM 6 will be added up to your payment if you want us to make a banner for you. The charge is for the time consumed on making the banner. We will try our very best to make one that meet your needs :)

7. We have the rights to stop any advertisement at any time if there are problems occurs.

8. For reviewing purpose, we randomly post up latest updated items from any blogshops at our site. This way, all blogshops get the chance to be reviewed :)

9. We do not do single review for blogshops like any other reviewer does. We think that it is unfair to other blogshop whom might not have the chance to be reviewed.

10. If you wish to be reviewed, just email us your blogshop name & url. We will try to put you in 1 of our review for our daily updates.

11. The more you update your blog, the more we review you ;)

12. We hope that you like our review site.

13. Any comments & suggestions are welcome..


Dont you just hate it when the clothes/bags/shoes/accessories that you wanted already sold out at this particular store? We have solution for you!
We know that everyone loves great bargain. We love 'em too..
So, we created a SUBSTITUTE section for all the great finds.
In this section, we provide 2 or more blogshops that are selling the same item.
We do not mention the prices. Let the customer choose by them selves :)

This section is not to annihilate any blogshops. Its just a section where buyers can find same item at different blogshops if 1 of the blogshop that sells the same item are all sold out.

We will not label the item as sold out / reserved. This way, customers will still head over to your store & check out your items :)