01 May 2011



When Precious Me, the creator of the Back To Basics skincare range approached us to give her products a try, I was excited. First of all, I’ve always had a passion for beauty products and since Back To Basics is all about organic ingredients, I couldn’t wait to give the products a try.

The Back to Basics range consist of 2 products:

The “flower power” all natural 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Powder and the 2-in-1 Natural Moisturizer and Toner. With only 2 products, Precious Me explains that her products clean, scrub, tone and moisturize. According to Precious Me, the Cleansing Powder functions as a cleanser, scrub and mask depending on how you use it. The moisturizer contains witch hazel which is a natural astringent so there’s no need to use a toner anymore.

The Flower Power Cleansing Powder is a unique formulation. It comes in powder form and can be mixed to become a cleanser or masque according to how much water you add to it. A teaspoon of the powder mixed with a few drops of water gives you a paste. I’ll be honest, the colour of the paste was not very appealing to me. The powder turns into a brownish purple paste but I reminded myself that this is an organic skin care product, free from colourants, preservatives and synthetic perfume. And the fact that the paste doesn’t lather up, like the usual foam cleansers, reinforces the fact that the cleanser is indeed soap-free.

I could feel tiny granules while mixing the paste and this is from the organic oats ingredient, which help to gently exfoliate my skin. My skin felt clean and fresh after using it. My skin also felt quite supple after the wash and not tight, which is one of my concerns for trying new cleansers as I have dry skin. It also smelt very pleasant which I reckon is from floral ingredients such as lavendar, rose hip oil and hibiscus powder.

Flower Power 3-in-1 Cleansing powder then mixed with a few drops of water to create a paste

The moisturizer has 3 offerings depending on your skin type. NOURISH is for people with dry skin and REJUVANATE is for Normal/ Mature/ Combination/ Oily but clear Skin and SPOTLESS is for very oily and acne prone skin . Precious Me recommended that I use NOURISH, due to my dry skin. The moisturizer comes in a qualitative pump packaging.

After applying the moisturizer, I found that it absorbs easily on my skin. I liked the way my skin felt after putting it on as it didn’t feel sticky . My skin also felt very smooth. However, my skin is on the dry side and I feel that I probably need a serum prior to applying the moisturizer. When I asked Precious Me if she was thinking of extending the product range to include a serum, she mentioned that she was never really an advocate for too many skincare steps and products but she did recommend to use a thin layer of virgin olive oil as a natural moisturizing essence before using the moisturizer at night. Which is a wonderful idea for a dried up prune like me! Back to Basics can also customize the skin care formula according to your needs. In my case, Precious Me said that she could tweak the formula to create a moisturizer that was richer. This customization can be done for every full size 50 ml moisturizer at no extra charge.

Back to Basics is a unique offering in our skincare market. It is what it claims to be : all natural and free from preservatives. After only 5 days of usage, my skin did feel the difference. For more visible results, Precious Me estimates at least 2 weeks of usage and for people with probelmatic skin, results should be seen at around 4 weeks. Don’t deprive your skin of such good stuff! Check out Back to Basics at their blog at http://preciousmecares.blogspot.com or email them at preciousmecares@gmail.com


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