12 February 2011


Biters, we've decided to give you a little snippet on last minute Valentine Gift Ideas.

Check out these ultra cute matching undie sets for you and your boyfie. Going at RM30.

WOW, the latest food rave in town....macaroons.... and at such bargain prices too, we think it would be the PERFECT gift, not just for your man, but for YOURSELF too! CHOMP away at only RM12 for a dozen from Milk A Deal before its too late!

Such a twist from the conventional lovey-dovey cards! WE LIKEY!

Rings are going for just RM49 per pair. And the pendants are priced from RM28. The pendants can do a little transformer trick and be converted to another cool shape!

For the gamester BOYFIE...or GIRLFIE ! RM35 each, RM60 per pair.